martes, 24 de noviembre de 2020

The best godello with the best scores

 Our wines obtains great puntuactions for the best international sommeliers. We have a new campaing to inform those who buy our godellos about these scores and words that talk about the propierties of our wines. Now, when you buy a bottle, you can read a resume of these scores in a special necklace.

We show you best scores for our four :


Godeval Re.Vi.Val

96 points: Decanter Magazine 2020, Pedro Ballesteros (MW)

93 points: Wine Advocate 2020, Robert Parker

95 points: Peñín´s Guide 2021 (Spain)

 Godeval 1986

94 points: Peñín´s Guide 2021 (Spain)

91 points: Wine Advocate, Robert Parker

Vivir el Vino Guide, 2020: Best aging wine  (Spain)

 Godeval Cepas Vellas / Viña Godeval Cepas Vellas

94 points: Wine Spectator.  Value pick of the week Spain

92 points: Decanter magazine, Pedro Ballesteros (MW)

92 points: Peñín´s Guide 2021 (Spain)



92 points: Wine Spectator 2020. Smart Buy

90 points: Wine Advocate 2020, Robert Parker

92 points: Peñín´s Guide (Spain)



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